M1 Junction 19 Improvement SchemeRecently updated

Improvements to junction 19 of the M1 motorway and related sections of the M6 motorway and A14 trunk road

Region:  East Midlands
Start date:  January 2014
Cost:  ÂŁ191 million
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  Dec 2016

Progress report

The M1 junction 19 improvement scheme is now completed.

The three-level junction now provides a direct dual carriageway link between the M6 and A14, together with free-flow links between the A14 westbound and M1 northbound; M1 southbound and A14 eastbound; M6 eastbound and M1 southbound; and M1 northbound and M6 westbound.

M1 junction 19 drone shot

We have constructed six new bridges, demolished two old bridges and installed new signs and signal gantries. We have also made improvements to the local road network and improved conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. We worked hard to minimise impact on the surrounding area, especially on the adjacent River Avon, and we have created extensive landscaped and planted areas, ponds and more than 100 specific wildlife habitats as part of the scheme.


Feasibility study on improvements to the junction Dec 2000
Public Consultation on a number of junction options June 2002
Initial Preferred Route announced by the Minister of State Feb 2003
Public Information Exhibition to present Local Road Network options July 2004
Contract awarded to Skanska/Jacobs for planning, design, management and construction 2005
Further options identified 2006-08
Public Consultation of three junction options and three local road network options June 2008
Revised Preferred Route announced Feb 2009
Draft Orders and environmental statement published Feb 2010
Exhibitions held at Lilbourne and Swinford March 2010
Statutory process postponed June 2010
Government announce scheme to progress to construction November 2011
Statutory process recommenced October 2012
Public inquiry held March 2013
Secretary of State decision announced July 2013
Orders made August 2013
Start of works Public Information Exhibition January 2014
Start of works January 2014
Shawell Lane to A5 open November 2014
Original M6 southbound Bridge demolition March 2015
Close local Catthorpe-Swinford link road September 2015
M6 to M1 realigned over Catthorpe Viaduct September 2015
A14 westbound to M6 on temporary alignment open October 2015
A14 to M1 northbound open December 2015
M6 eastbound to A14 open February 2016
M1 to M6 free-flow link open over new bridge July 2016
Closure of Rugby Road July 2016
M1 to A14 free-flow link open over new bridge Summer 2016
A14 to M6 westbound carriageway opened August 2016
All free-flow routes complete Autumn 2016
Local link road open December 2016
Project completion December 2016

Why we need this scheme

Over 142,000 vehicles pass through this junction daily. The original junction 19 on the M1 gave rise to the following problems:
  • congestion, delays and long queues
  • accidents
  • conflicts between local and longer distance traffic
  • barriers to pedestrian, cyclist and horse rider movements
Without improvement, these problems would have become worse.

The scheme in detail

The improved junction provides the following direct free-flow links:
  • A14 to M1 northbound
  • M1 southbound to A14
  • M6 to A14 in both directions
  • M6 to M1 southbound
  • M1 northbound to M6


The objectives of the junction improvement are to:
  • relieve congestion at the junction and improve journey reliability
  • improve road safety
  • separate local traffic from long distance traffic
  • improve conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders
  • keep adverse environmental impacts, especially on the adjacent River Avon to a minimum
  • provide good value for money
The River Avon was one of the most environmentally sensitive areas of the scheme because:
  • it is an abstraction source for drinking water
  • the adjacent land further downstream is a flood plain
  • it is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, including a family of otters
The scheme also includes:
  • earthworks to several of the bends in the river to improve flow and provide ecological refuge
  • flood compensation works to counteract raised levels at the bridge locations
  • balancing ponds – each pond filters pollutants from the surface water that drains from the motorway and releases it slowly back into natural watercourses

Cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians

As part of the M1 junction 19 improvement scheme, we have constructed a new bridleway connecting Swinford and Catthorpe via the River Avon. The works involved:
  • creating a new bridleway route
  • installing two bridleway bridges

Project media files and documents

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Project timeline

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