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Improving the single lane to a dual carriageway on the A303 between Sparkford and Ilchester, part of a programme of improvements to the A303/A30/A358.

Region:  South West
Start date:  TBC
Cost:  £100 to £250 million
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC

What impact will this have on my journey?

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Progress report

Since the public information events were held in February we’ve been developing potential route options for the scheme.

We’re currently assessing all the options. Our assessment is based on the requirements set out by the Government, through the Road Investment Strategy, taking into account the cost, impact and benefits each of the options may have. To help inform this process we have had members of the project team on site investigating and assessing potential route options. This has included assessing the profile of the routes, potential environmental habitats or sensitive sites, traffic surveys, public rights of way usage and road capacity.

We’ve also been having discussions with local stakeholders and statutory Environmental Bodies in the area. This is being done to make sure we take important local issues into account as we develop scheme route options.

What next?

We are currently examining the proposals and testing a range of options. We plan to ask for your opinion on these options.


Date Event
December 2014 Scheme announced
February 2016 Public information events
TBC Have your say

Why we need this scheme

The A303/A358 corridor is a vital connection between the south west, London and the south east. While much of the route is a dual carriageway, there are still over 35 miles of single carriageway. These sections act as congestion bottlenecks, particularly in the summer months and at weekends, causing delays to road users travelling between the M3 motorway and the south west and an increased risk of accidents. This section of the A303 between Sparkford and Ilchester comprises a mix of dual and single lane carriageway, which leads to localised congestion, impacting adversely on journey times and reliability. This section also has a poor accident record as a result of poor junction alignment and visibility, and changes in road type. We are proposing to dual this single carriageway section. The scheme will reduce congestion, improve journey times and make our network safer for customers.


The scheme will:
  • reduce congestion, improve journey times and make our network safer for our customers
  • support jobs and economic growth at a local and national level
  • minimise adverse impacts on the surrounding natural environment and landscape

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