A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon


A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon

An upgrade to the A14 between Ellington, west of Huntingdon, to the Milton junction on the Cambridge Northern Bypass. Includes widening the A1 between Brampton and Alconbury.

Scheme stats

Region: East
Start date: March 2017
Cost: £1.2 to £1.8 billion
Type: Major Scheme
End date: March 2021
Project status

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon

An upgrade to the A14 between Ellington, west of Huntingdon, to the Milton junction on the Cambridge Northern Bypass. Includes widening the A1 between Brampton and Alconbury.

Progress Report

The Planning Inspectorate has given planning permission for this project and the Secretary of State has given us the green light to proceed. We are now carrying out surveys and expect to complete these in the summer. This work lets us map the land out in detail – location of services like gas pipes, drainage, lighting, assets such as bridges etc. We can then finalise the detail of our design for the new road. Should you have concerns about the impact on your property or land, details about the claims process are available.

What next?

We expect to begin work to build our construction compounds in July 2016. In August we’ll need to put traffic management in place for your safety and the safety of our road workers.


Date Event
2010 Government cancels Ellington Fen Ditton scheme
2011/12 Detailed study of options for A14
July 2012 Government announces A14 improvement will include a toll
June 2013 Government announces fast track delivery programme
September 2013 Scheme Options consultation
December 2013 Government removes tolling from the proposal
7 April to 15 June 2014 Pre-Application consultation
December 2014 Development Consent Order application
13 May to 13 November 2016 Development Consent Order examination
11 May 2016 Secretary of State decision
March 2017 Start of works
2020 A14 open to traffic

Community News

Your views are important to us. By working with you, we can keep you informed about progress on the scheme, listen to your concerns and take action to address them. We plan to hold a number of forums in the near future, including:

Parish and Community forums

Aimed at local parish councillors, local residents and businesses in a variety of locations along the route of the scheme, we aim to cover topics of particular interest to those communities. The next forum is due to take place: Tuesday 19 July, 7pm-9pm Hilton Village Hall, Grove End, Hilton, PE28 9PF Wednesday 27 July, 7pm-9pm Bar Hill Village Hall, The Spinney, Bar Hill, CB23 8SU

Member briefings

These regular briefings are an opportunity to ensure elected council members are kept informed and offer an open dialogue between Highways England local councillors. The next members briefing will take place on: Monday 18 July, 3.30pm-5.30pm Shire Hall, Cambridge

Why we need this scheme

The existing A14 trunk road between Cambridge and Huntingdon is well known for congestion and delays:
  • almost 85,000 vehicles use this stretch of the A14 every day; a lot more than we originally designed for
  • around quarter of this is heavy goods vehicles – well above national average for this type of road
Case for the scheme - executive summary The economic case for the scheme – infographic


The proposals for the A14 will:
  • relieve traffic congestion
  • unlock local economic growth
  • enhance national economic growth
  • connect communities
  • improve the environment
  • improve safety and reduce driver stress
  • improve the environment in Huntingdon
  • create a positive legacy for the region

The scheme in detail

View: The government has made a provision for £1.5 billion of capital investment for this scheme. The proposals will be funded through a combination of contributions from Central Government, local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships. Once work is complete the existing A14 will be ‘de-trunked’ between Huntingdon and Swavesey and between Alconbury and Spittals interchange. This means the road gains county road status and Highways England pass responsibility for the road to the local authority. The scheme consists of:

A1 widening between Brampton and Alconbury

We’ll widen the A1 between Brampton and Alconbury over approx 3½ miles, from 2 lane dual carriageway to 3 lane dual carriageway. Between Brampton and Brampton Hut we will construct a new road to the west of the existing A1. The existing A1 road becomes part of the new A14 Huntingdon Southern Bypass.

A New Huntingdon Southern Bypass

A new Huntingdon Southern Bypass, approx 12½ miles in length, will provide a 2 lane dual carriageway between Ellington and the A1 at Brampton and a 3 lane dual carriageway between Brampton and Swavesey. This removes a large proportion of traffic from the existing A14 between Huntingdon and Swavesey as well as Brampton Hut and Spittals interchange. The new bypass will include a raised viaduct section of road running across the river Great Ouse and a bridge over the East Coast Mainline railway. It will include junctions with the A1 at Brampton and with the A1198 at Godmanchester.

Huntingdon Town Centre improvements

We’ll demolish the A14 rail viaduct over the East Coast Mainline railway and Brampton Road in Huntingdon. A through route will be maintained broadly along the line of the existing A14 through Huntingdon, making use of the Brampton Road bridge to cross the railway line and by constructing a new link road from Brampton Road to connect with the A14 to the west.

A14 widening

We’ll widen the existing A14 over approximately 5½ miles to provide three lanes in each direction between Swavesey and Bar Hill and to four lanes in each direction between Bar Hill and Girton. Widening of a 1½ mile section of the Cambridge Northern Bypass between Histon and Milton.

A14 junction improvements

We’ll improve the capacity of existing junctions at Swavesey, Bar Hill and Girton and make sure they are compatible with adjacent proposed developments such as Northstowe. We’ll improve access and connections for cyclists, horseriders and pedestrians. We’ll construct a new local access road, approximately 5 miles in length. This will be dual carriageway between Fen Drayton and Swavesey and single carriageway between Swavesey and Girton. This provides a route for local traffic between Cambridge and Huntingdon and access to properties and businesses along the corridor.

Environmental Impact

Looking after the environment is an important part of our work and we will be running a number of forums to help us maintain close working relationships with environmental organisations. Updates on environmental work will also be shared at our other forums. We’ve already surveyed the environment around the proposed route so we can assess how the scheme might affect wildlife and make sure the scheme complies with legislation protecting wildlife. These surveys influence the scheme design – for example, where we place underpasses so mammals can pass safely under the new road. Protected species Protected species included along the proposed route are:
  • Cetti’s warblers and Grasshopper warblers
  • Great Crested newts
  • bats
  • breeding birds such as swifts and sparrows
  • badgers
In addition to new landscaping, plants and trees, 18 areas will be created specifically for this wildlife. Find out more about how we will be protecting wildlife and the environment.

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