A120 Harwich Road improvementRecently updated

Construction of a new roundabout at Harwich Road and closure of the centre reserve gaps at Pellens Corner on the A120.

Region:  East
Start date:  September 2017
Cost:  £3 million
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Improvement Scheme
End date:  Spring 2018

Progress report

We are in the design stage for this scheme with plans to implement in September. Following your feedback on our proposals for this scheme between 2 December and 23 December 2016, our designer took a fresh-eye review of the roundabout scheme and through design development found a design for a new roundabout that meets the original design requirements. The new roundabout will be relocated between the A120 and Harwich Road, utilising existing highways land and avoids any land purchase issues.

View our latest improvement safety leaflet for A120 Harwich Road.

What next?

We are carrying out ground investigation and ecological works in preparation for construction scheduled to begin in September 2017.


Date Event
March 2012 Change to the road layout
December 2014 Introduction of 50 mph speed limit
August 2015 Public information event
September 2015 Start of land purchase and production of orders
August 2017 Detailed design complete
September 2017 Start of works
Spring 2018 Work completed

Why we need this scheme

In the past 5 years there have been 23 recorded collisions at Harwich Road junction causing 52 casualties, 3 of which were fatal. There were a further 12 reported collisions at Pellens Corner junction causing 19 casualties. The majority of collisions have involved right turn manoeuvres to or from side roads. Our scheme is needed to improve safety along the route.

We are developing a scheme to improve safety on the A120 junctions at Harwich Road, Park Road and Pellens Corner for local residents, road users and motorists.

We plan to build a new roundabout at Harwich Road and close the central reserve gaps to prevent drivers making right-turn manoeuvers on the A120 and improve safety.

The scheme in detail

In March 2012 we changed the layout of the junctions and reduced the dual carriageway to a single lane in each direction. This was to address safety concerns. Following a safety audit 12 months after the changes we concluded that further safety measures were required.

The most effective measure is to close the gaps in the central reservation; however we recognise that this could have an adverse effect on the local community. We have considered a number of long term solutions and developed the option to build a new two lane roundabout at Harwich Road in addition to closing the gaps at Pellens Corner. This new option will benefit pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders in the region as well as installing new lighting.

In the last 5 years we have changed the layout of the junctions, reduced the carriageway to a single lane and implemented a 50mph speed limit along the road. Each of these has been successful, but we believe more can be done to improve safety. This scheme will continue to help us realise our vision of improving road safety across Britain’s highways.

Benefits of the Scheme

Drivers, business owners and local residents will benefit from this safety improvement. The scheme aims to reduce the number of incidents on the A120 between Harwich Road and Pellens Corner, reducing collisions, injuries and any subsequent traffic delays. Lighting installation will increase safety in the area for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians in the area along access routes.


The aim of the scheme is to improve safety in the area to both the local residents and users of the A120.

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